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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:43

Anatolian Journal of Shutdown Threshold

Anatolian Journal of Shutdown Threshold
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Bingöl from Press Ad Agency to examine the place of distress in the local press (RCC) General Assembly Anatolian Newspaper Owners Representative Mustafa Arslan, said he came to many newspapers closing point in Anatolia, the last 10 years due to shortage related to the official announcement .

Bingöl news: Photo RCC General Assembly Anatolian Newspaper Owners Representative Mustafa Arslan, President of the Confederation of Journalists Nuri simplicity and visited with Özdemir Deputy Chairman Sefa local media organizations in Bingöl. First, the delegation visited the Society of Journalists Bingol , Society President Omar glorious and board members of the local press was briefed on the issue. Arslan, the local press in Anatolia is confronted with different kinds of problems in every region , saying that the biggest problem common and contraction experienced in the official announcement . Armstrong stressed that the major cause of contraction , \"one of them, to make purchases under the rapid uptake of local government and to provide an exception to bidding. Second, do by collecting classifieds and third purchases or are faced with a situation such as to refrain from posting again by dividing the tender ,\"he said .
\" offers do not pay their pockets MONEY \"Photo Press Ad Agency Branch no place in Armstrong stated that the more specific problems , \"195 Law no official announcement and although said it was in advance of the official ads we see that in some places the payment of this posting money up to 6 months in some institutions. we call these executives from Bingol ; no one conveys the newspaper a source of pocket. the legislator , a method is determined by official proclamation in support of publishing , which is a public office . Giving these ads both the Bankruptcy Code and Law No. 195 , Public Procurement Law is both necessary. First I need to fulfill this task , \"he said .
\" KDV AND INCOME TAXES OOP paid \"Photo Image declare the cost of the payment of Armstrong stated that the advance , noting that it should be carried out said:Photo \"Otherwise, they pay the KDV our colleagues are becoming additional resources have been transferred outside the inability to get money from mobile ads on the money they pay income tax. Here we would like to speak to both the central government bureaucracy center, Anatolia is the voice of this land. Turkey's unity , integrity, of solidarity , of brotherhood is the only method of transferring value they receive from yesterday to tomorrow . A process should be initiated to cherish our newspaper in Anatolia. We are confident that our politicians , the opposition to the government are aware of this. But it is necessary to take urgent measures on this issue . \"

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