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  • 05 Eylül 2014, Cuma 13:43

Burning Heart of kins Family Drama

Burning Heart of kins Family Drama
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BİNGÖL (UAV)-Bingol Sergeant Kinser's family residing in the village of blood cancer , 3 of the 5 children were killed .

Bingöl news: Family emergency bone marrow transplant waiting two children , will die if not found suitable marrow .
Sitting in the village of Sergeant Kinser family has 8 children from 5 blood cancer . Indicating that three of the children died of patients Abdurrahman Kinsun , second child is also currently in the grip of the same disease , in the treatment process them said they expect to extend a helping hand . One daughter including three children blood cancer died noted spicy father Kinsun , \"who lost his life one of my children 11 month old daughter , and the second three year-old boy , the third one 4 months old boy was . Blood cancer disease fever were rising . Throat infections and such reasons 3 child died. died three children after Allah Almighty 5 more children has bestowed . now 3 children thank God you get is healthy. one girl and one boy still blood disease was infected , \"he said .
10-year-old daughter Asma'in the absence of bone marrow transplant, he would die immediately transfer the father of kins , blood cancer patients during ongoing treatment of children for 10 years told his distress . Hospital doors live much trouble and hospitals attract needed attention that said Kinsun , \"Halimi only God knew . Then all kinds of medication at our own were receiving . Hospital doctors adequately take care of us did . One day a week medicines billions of money held . Tangible our opportunities is not a month for one-2 time, but was able to go . Each time the 15 days of hospitalization was required. impossibility due to the sufficiently treatments could not do , \"he said .
SMALL ESMA tHE HELP CALL < br/> kins of the family of blood cancer patient daughter small Esma , the \"I'm so excited . parents to me his buttonholes about the test results I expect . these test results from my family with one match, I'm waiting . most my mother coincide with want .'s go as soon as the treatment and want to come . longer to heal I want . harness can not breathe by . longer to heal , I want to run everywhere . Marrow transplant first for the government to help me, I'm waiting for my beer . As soon as my government want to help me . President and Prime Minister, I'm waiting for your help , \"he said .

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