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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Ekim 2014, Cuma 17:52

Calbay statement on the attack on the Police Chief

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Bingol Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( CCI) Chairman calbay , Bingöl Police Chief Ürkün Atalay and the accompanying press release for the attack made ​​on .

Bingöl news:
calbay , Deputy Police Chief Cited Falcon and Commissioner Hussein Hatipoğlu had fallen concerning the incident , heinous attack the bullets fired by them, but the entire nation , the state's unity and togetherness , peace and the economy tightened , he said. Calbay , \"Bored lead the peace process and our people's burgeoning hope and stability, we are screwed . Herewith martyrs mercy of Allah, the wounded our God speedy recovery and grieving families patience cemile petition would like . All Bingöl'ü and our nation head to get right . Safety Officer Citations Falcon and Captain Hussein Hatipoğlu authorities supreme with martyrdom in the homeland and the nation , the highest service life by giving have reached , \"he said .
in Turkey recently, the events of peace and security and economic stability cause extensive damage noted calbay \"I live in the past mistakes we learn from the peace process continue and let . Conflict resumption of anyone does not benefit. peace and brotherhood disrupts this business household from get rid of . these occasions all our people, common sense invites again, martyrs grieving families and all of our nation have the right I say . Bingol halkınca our beloved Chief of Police Mr. Atalay country and restoring health protection as soon as a petition would Almighty God , \"he said .

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