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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 16:00

Huda-par Bingöl Provincial President Tasalı Remarks on the Attack

Huda-par Bingöl Provincial President Tasalı Remarks on the Attack
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Bingöl Karlıova living in the town of Free Dawa Party ( Huda-Par) members Conquest Yalcin suffered an armed attack as a result of the loss of life on the press release that Huda-par Bingöl Provincial President Hamd Tasal , \"All the brothers and sisters are calling , everyone has their own security would take their makes self-defense , \"he said .

Bingöl news: Huda
-par Hamd Tasal President of Bingöl Province , Karlıova related to an armed attack in the district party building made ​​in the press release . Fatah Yalcin morning at 08.00 AM on the way to work before the door armed attacked stated that the Tasal , the attackers plate-connet in a vehicle automatic weapons fire , he said .
\" EARLIER was threatened \"< br/> Yalcin is married and father of 4 children , indicating that the Tasal , the \"Previously the PKK by gangs that our brother threats had received . threat reason , Huda-PAR have a beard to be Muslims, that was enough for them ,\"he said . Parties by gangs glaring way every day of death had been threatened claiming Tasal , \"the so officials see it, too , and the state sees us here, officials are calling these the perpetrators before a law be brought would like . We are your microphones through all our brothers and sisters are calling , everyone has their own security would take their own self-defense to get done . employees that we are a religion it to us demands. our religion that attacked us in response to self-defense gives the right . us if the right to life is not recognized, contact us if you do politics right is not recognized us, the attackers they understand the language in which to respond will try to \"shape spoke .
HDPE Li politicians cRITICISM
Rights Democratic Party ( HDP) politicians attitude due criticized Tasal , the conversation continued as follows:
\"In our region engaged in politics some elements , particularly hdp'l clearly telling lawmakers with the PKK , arm in arm , hand in hand with armed gangs , or even establishing an element of pressure on them by driving them trying to intimidate . Politicians, gangs , vandals , fierce poses, arm in arm with people who are not self If threatens people , I guess this is a disaster for society as a whole . To add fuel to the fire is not a politician , must pour water . But unfortunately America after a visit HDPE , Co-Chairman Selahattin Demirtas, American instructions from alırca the'Everywhere Kopani will , today is the day in whose hands whatever comes demonstrate it should be'by calling the base , supporters , party members into the streets is called. Oppression , cruelty to kill you dayatamazs no thought to the community . From this mistaken idea should be abandoned as soon as possible . Barıss peace, democracy is democracy, this effort must carry out . \"
Last two years to attack Referring Tasal , the \"Already last 2 years if this savagery response could put we were before the law they yargılayabils wish , today, these situations would not have come . But unfortunately, we have encouraged crime and criminals . Trial , we were unable to remove the legal front . They spoiled with Dola They did. They talk of peace is going on at the time , the settlement process is going on at the time of speaking . In the process of solution silent weapon would you know ? Unfortunately for us the weapons were never shut up . \"

Huda-par Bingöl Provincial President Tasalı Remarks on the Attack" comments for.


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