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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 07 Ekim 2014, Salı 17:02

In Bingöl'Kopani'tension

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Kopani events in Bingöl opposing groups clashed with protesting dbp'li .

Bingöl news: Many people were injured in the incidents . Of occurrences Government House gardens to the rear left a suspicious package police alarmed .
DBP Bingöl Provincial Presidency, Iraq Damascus Islamic State ( ISID ) Kobani'nin attacks in protest took to the streets . Crossroads in front of the Clock Tower press release massive party members who then made ​​the walk towards Beşyol . Beşyol slogans from about 3 thousand people marching towards a new neighborhood with a group of opposition groups , there was chaos for a short time . The parties were calmed by intervening citizens . From here, walk back towards the center of the bazaar attracts groups clashed with the police .
Events police with tear gas and water cannons began tightening . Police dispersed the group does not comply with the notice , the security forces retaliated with stones and sticks . In a short time the glass being broken, the growing incidents of many trades , while some citizens with tear gas and stones hitting the bottom of the hive . Police by withdrawing from the city center walking toward the crowd with a group opposing group conflict began.
between groups conflict continues , while the Government House garden left behind a suspicious bag police alarmed . Intense security measures taken for the security strip in the street attracts police waited for the bomb squad . In a short time the bomb squad arrived at the scene , the suspect bag with a fuse blew . Exit toys in the bag , the police and street shopkeepers took a deep breath .
New neighborhood with the intervention of the police and taken to position Beşyol groups continue to clash with police .

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