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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:29

Kaleo the neighborhood of 34 Years Later Gets Its old name

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Approximately 34 years ago, as the last quarter to record a new name Kaleo'Cement'has regained its former name the City Council decision on the request of the parish .

Bingöl news: Photo Bingöl Municipality Cultural Center was held at the November meeting of the Assembly hall TOGE . Bingöl Mayor, City Council , chaired by Yucel Barakaz , met with the November agenda . Kaleo name of the neighborhood'Cement as'was adopted by the City Council unanimously replaced . President Barakaz in a statement to reporters after the meeting, \"the Kaleo the neighborhood was quiet municipality us a request to change the neighborhood's name. The name of the Kaleo the neighborhood as amended Cement decision taken by a unanimous vote of our City Council. Get better Cement to our neighborhood ,\"he said .
DOOR rECORDS in Sima aS HEADING cement Quarter stating that gratifying to regain its name
the mayor Ferhat not months , \"Our citizens would judge it as cement the name Kaleo . also the neighborhood we cement is located in the land registry he was going through . We are also our quiet neighborhood taking views of the old name of our neighborhood, we have applied our council to be replaced as the Cement . Bingöl Municipality saw this justify our request over and changed the neighborhood's name as the Cement . Bingöl Municipality did work according to the people's demands. Mayor on this topic Yucel Barakazi and city Council I would like to thank our members on behalf of our neighborhood , \"he said .
period changed as the Governor Kaleo in 1980 by Ahmet Tosun and Cement region was connected to the Cultural quarter neighborhood after that date . Popularly known as the name of the neighborhood, the neighborhood of Kaleo Cement was replaced with the City Council's decision.

Kaleo the neighborhood of 34 Years Later Gets Its old name" comments for.


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