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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Ekim 2014, Cuma 14:06

Martyr was sent off in the last journey

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Atalay chickened out last night in Bingöl Police Chief and his crew who died in the attacks against the armed Citations Deputy Police Chief Huseyin Sahin and Hall commissioner for the funeral ceremony was held .

Bingöl news:
Bingöl Police Department in the garden ceremony Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz , Bingol Governor Ibrahim Taşyapı , the AK Party Bingol Deputy Ashraf Stone, Bingöl, newly appointed Police Chief Solomon Cotton, corporate chiefs , military brass , the police colleagues , family and multi-the number of citizens attended . In a speech at the ceremony, Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz , God have mercy on the martyrs has expressed its condolences to the relatives . Minister Yilmaz, \"So far, for this country , for the nation sacred for fallen all the martyrs mercy would remember . These brothers and sisters , the martyrs shot by bullets , our people , our nation , our country, peace, peace brotherhood bullet fired are . Doing this traitor as a person that killed our to say that people do not peace of the future of our country with the problem are the ones who . against them all together to stand tall, we will . these villains who attack the community how to create an atmosphere they want our country, how wrong place to move if they want their conscious , these are very good visual contrast'll move . never achieved their goal will not. at no time this country's unity , solidarity , brotherhood impair will not. you no matter the cost , this is our country's future will walk . youth in the operation with a group of dead was captured . Several MOBESE records , certain investigations that vehicle and in relation to this incident appears to be . Of course, a detailed review work to be carried out both administrative and judicial . Of course we will not let go of this event . Fail all of yakalanınca and penalties until you see all kinds of effort that will continue , \"he said .
martyrs CAME
killed in the attack as the Deputy Chief Attribution Falcon and the commissioner Hussein Hatipoğlu families ceremony came to the area . tears accompanied attended the ceremony families , sorrow drowned. grieving families , who attended the ceremony by citizens sakinleştirilmeye were studied.
funeral prayer flooding tears wAS
the speeches after the attack martyrs Safety Deputy Cited Falcon and the commissioner Hussein Hatipoğlu funeral prayers Mufti Majid Life by was made . martyrs pure holding hundreds of people , prayers by shed tears. funeral prayer after the martyrs shoulders , taking takbirs in the funeral vehicle taken. funeral vehicle comes from the relatives of martyrs the coffin, wrapped in tears poured. seat hundreds of people gathered in front of the building , then the prayers of the martyrs studied.
martyrs'last journey , was sent off in tears .

Martyr was sent off in the last journey" comments for.


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