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  • 10 Ekim 2014, Cuma 07:37

Minister Yilmaz attack Explanations

Minister Yilmaz attack Explanations
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Bingöl Police Chief after the attack , Atalay for Ürker flown from Bingol Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz , event-related assessment found .

Bingöl news: Minister Yilmaz, Young district attacked a connection is thought four people were killed and event-related gözaltlı of said .
Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz , Bingöl Governor's Office held at the security meeting after the assault on the assessment found .
Minister Yilmaz , \"2 many martyrs there . safety headmaster where the intervention after the air ambulance in Ankara were shipped. a police officer's leg injured , life hazards . be edited after the ceremony to their homeland farewell will . Safety Manager of our soon to regain health pray for . these experienced a very painful event , Bingol in the past , unfortunately, such painful events have witnessed . these painful events because we're very sorry . nation of all safety community, our condolences to call. these incidents that reveal and penalties of ensuring that the rule of law is the basic duty , \"he said .
4 people were murdered
after the event, Young County at the entrance with the police in a firefight killed four persons for providing information Minister Yilmaz, the perpetrators of a terrorist organization with links that there is , but with the event links investigate whether he said. < br/> a journalist'who experienced the process of resolution effects? Minister Yilmaz who responded to the question of the event, \"Turkey's peace, peace will lead to a bored'was considered. Minister Yilmaz , in his speech in the continuation:\"All these events , political analysis should be done. Firstly perpetrators clarify great benefits to there . But of course, this process experienced when we look at Turkey's presence and peace from the restless many circles there , unfortunately. Solution process , peace and tranquility was disturbed by circles there . somehow our country , in the development of our development who did not wish cuts. started with them need to think about , of course. Turkey a democratic country , all political channels open a country with such a country such acts to be done , of course, in a normal way to explain is not possible. these Turkey's peace, of peace , of course, lead to a bored , \"the assessment found .

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