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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 06 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 14:28

Minister Yilmaz was Bayramlaşma with citizens in Bingöl

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Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz , in the district of Bingöl Karlıova bayramlaştı citizens .

Bingöl news:
with citizens coming together in the town of Karlıova Minister Yilmaz , public bayramlaştı shaking hands . Referring to the solution process then Minister Yilmaz, to torment the citizens of the peace process , take his money , investments to prevent , to prevent the site does not mean , he said. No one solution process attempts to exploit that you need to Minister Yilmaz, \"the solution process means peace of mind , means peace , everyone should be free to live in the mean , no one to offend anyone, means , no one can not oppress means . Several developments have happened , look in Syria, Iraq t unfortunately Muslims Muslims killing Muslims'blood is flowing. a Muslim is a Muslim killing is forbidden , but unfortunately in today's world , Muslims are killing each other . Republic of Turkey as we in our environment, we say this , for us it makes no difference Arabs have , Turks have the Kurds were Sunni't have , have Şii'y , was a Muslim , was Ezidi'y all for us , we're all trying to help , \"he said .
TURKEY in Syrian
to Turkey the Syrian refugees Referring to the Minister Yilmaz , \"Today in Turkey, see more than 1.5 million coming from Syria , our brother there . most recent Kobani'nin 160 more than a thousand of our brothers arrived . We call these arms are opening and so far 4.5 billion dollars we've spent this business . Is the stability of Turkey has the power to support this , we are helping our brothers and sisters will continue . Someone may try to exploit it further remarks may interest them the most advanced in the countries to which we need to ask what are they doing this . For God's sake we call a very rich country 160 people have taken one of the ceremonies do not know what media we take our brother, we're more than 1.5 million . Syrian regime on the one hand allied with each other and come to the public that we are torturing people are protecting seek the hereafter will continue to oversee the . Our security measures on the humanitarian aid will continue to help these people and I hope to go to this regime in Syria Do not worry . Cruelty does not continue forever, never , \"he said .
Bingöl, a graduate student at the University of Zaza and Kurdish Minister Yilmaz is reminiscent of \"Today we've made elective courses ,'ve made the language of instruction in private schools . TRT 6 broadcast 24 hours each wanting to use as the language of political propaganda newspaper , book, whatever it may be , if we have a shortage of them goes missing we'll talk about our . As long as they do not fight violence would not discuss it lacks talk. In a civilized manner in a democratic environment would also remove these deficiencies do not say everything is perfect , but nobody's there's no reason to require bleeding nose in the middle. Nobody'm sorry Turkey's former Turkey belief, not at the point in the same way , see the past due to the headscarf university gates revolved our people today, leave the university in public institutions, government agencies , parliament Our council are going to wear headscarves lawmakers have . We've come to an important place in freedom of belief , \"he said .
After drinking tea together with citizens , visiting holy Karlıova trades Minister Yilmaz , then left Karlıova .

Minister Yilmaz was Bayramlaşma with citizens in Bingöl" comments for.


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