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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:53

Operation Dawn of Bingöl Police

Operation Dawn of Bingöl Police
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Simultaneously regulating the operation of the police in the morning in Bingöl , 8 people participating in civic events on 6-7 October, damaging public property'detained on the grounds .

Bingöl news: Photo Bingöl Police Department Anti-Fraud Office ( TEM ) teams, held in the city center on October 7, 2014 Kobani'yi support in participating in demonstrations and simultaneous operation in relation to the events thereafter. Central and Adaklı district in the morning at 05.00 hours simultaneously regulating the operation of the police , including the Democratic Party of Regions ( DBP ) Adaklı District Chairman Selim G.'s facilities, including Ismail B., Ali Cangil K., Valerie M., Songül S., Necmettin D., T. Zülküf and Abdullah B.,'damaging public property'allegedly detained . Photo dETENTION the REACTIONS under the call made ​​by HDPE Photo press release in front of the party building DBP Bingöl Provincial Chairman Halis Patriotic , arguing that innocent people were detained , reacted to the operation. Indicating that they use the democratic rights of those in the area to support Kobani'yi Patriotic , \"This is our people are not murderers, they cried out in space in order to express the people democratic demands , this is their most democratic right . If represent both safety and military Kurds amenna . When not are our military and the policeman can not , \"he said .
pROCESS sUPPORT cALL Reaching Photo speech of the governor and police chief Patriotic said following the making support calls for the solution process:Photo \"I am here as the Bingöl governor I appeal to both the police chief ; we're put under the stone with all the weight of all housing for the crowning of the peace , and you feel their shoulders the weight of this process. If we want to live together in this country , a load all our shoulder to the crowning of the peace for the creation of equal conditions in terms coexistence Carry and thus I sağlamayal peace together. \"Photo Group , after the press release being distributed without incident was recorded by the query will then be shipped to the safety of persons in custody court.

Operation Dawn of Bingöl Police" comments for.


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