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  • 16 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:03

( Special Report ) on the roof of the barn in the Struggle for Life

( Special Report ) on the roof of the barn in the Struggle for Life
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8-person family in Bingol , in the attic of a barn is fighting for his life .

Bingöl news: In the same place sleeping family, food , showers and a variety of needs in the same place meet.
Young district of Bingöl connected to Meşadal village Korkutl hamlet residing in the Steel family , 6-year-old with a child of their own barn loft living is struggling . Difficulties in an unhealthy environment in the family trying to hold on to life , is now bracing for all diseases . In 2003, one-story house after an earthquake damaged greatly Abdulkadir (70) and Emine (65) Steel farmers , what could make a new home , nor was able to repair existing homes . Began to live at home with their children makeshift family , tried to make a living by farming . In this process, a boy who married couple, until the year 2011 in the same house struggle for survival gave .
ANIMALS selling EV began making
in 2011 with its own facilities to build a house that decides the family , make a living out of the animals sell a large part , on the basis of new homes hit . Two boys , two girls and began working in construction along with the bride Steel family could not find a place to live in this process moved to the roof of the barn . The smell of animals , moisture , cold and hot , despite struggling to survive family , the bitirt three years of construction was rough . Doors and windows scrap dealers supplied from the family , and the remaining gaps to complete the state institutions and the Samaritan support from waiting.
over time exhausted 70-year-old head of the family Abdulkadir Steel , has become inoperable . 65-year-old mother Emine Celik due to damage in the wrist , but does not keep his hands came . 6 year old girl with a steel family is the largest individual Hazim difficulty due to a herniated disc . There are problems in the brain of the family's other son, inspiration , unaware of everything trying to hold on to life by a small body of 6-year-old Basil , however, are struggling with chronic diseases . Family's two daughters craving , Specific and ready Muazzez's wife , takes care of the household chores , as well as construction work continues to help . In desperation clinging to life despite all the negativity family , to make a living that feeds the animals live in the same place . Animals that feed on the bottom floor family of four on the roof open on one side to life holds . Despite all the difficulties working with perseverance the family ranch in the attic eating and drinking , sleep, shower and all the other meets the needs .
FAMILY bellow
what happened outlining İlhami Steel in 2003, their house was destroyed and until 2011 a makeshift home life struggle , he said. Steel, \"in 2011, the existing home was torn down and a new home to have decided . Cattle selling construction work began . 3 years work continues. During this process, the barn's upper stomach settled . Bottom animals at the top while we are living ,\"he said .
Family only married boy Hazim Steel , the \"3 for to finish the construction we are working . Door and claws less so wrecker from're getting . too had difficulty , and still suffering. 6-year-old daughter and with my family with animals live together ,\"he said .
youth Project'the aid was going to , but through the door received claiming that 65-year-old mother Emine Çelik, \"for 3 years at various intervals with prefect trying to negotiate . door, the person in charge me for contact from the door stormed out . anyone my problem I could not tell . States and benevolent help from citizens expect ,\"he said .

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