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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 14 Ekim 2014, Salı 17:40

The Assassination of Bingol parliamentary questions from the Baluken Hdp'l

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Rights Democratic Party ( HDP) Group Vice President and Bingol Deputy Idris Balu , the Police Chief and the accompanying Atalay Ürkün for an armed attack on the Grand National Assembly of Turkey ( GNAT) has made ​​a question .

Bingöl news: Questions to be answered by the Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu
wanting Balu , the team that carried out the assassination with a young slain in the way of the team suggested that different . After the event, officially the statement made in the contradictions stated that the balun , the inferred on suspicion of being taken into custody by the tortured claimed .
after the attack files placed on privacy decision asking Balu the , \"9 October 2014 occurred in the two event-related hearing the secrecy decision the grounds on both occasions seized weapons and bullets ballistic examination each other not to retain Does ? Privacy judgment, the governor and government officials event of a connection between the lies to coverwas taken ? Inside extrajudicial executions , where the facts as torture by the decision to shut down this dark event m is required to privacy ? \"he said.
parliamentary questions in the ballistic examination of the results hidden from the public stated that the balun , the Prime Minister Davutoglu solution process to finish , seeking connection between two events who wish to establish powers who is asked.
hdp'l Balu , the proposal of the Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutog the answered by prompt the following questions gave ;
\"These two events independently of events is clear that while the Holiness of your'responsible were punished'for the expression of a correction to make Do you think ? personal your and authorized the Minister of relation to these events was wrong Do you think ? In that case punishment as a method of extrajudicial executions legitimize the position to be in the buttom of law practice is invalid applications is partnering Do you think ? in any event sanction of the courts instead of state and government officials by m is done ? in this case, the rule of law principles shelved the Bingol new provocation and massacres could lead method of punishment to continue ?
in custody because of torture face and eye bones were broken in the hospital for the Hope Koçyiğit for three days Prosecutor's Office and the Police Department's coordinated implementation of and in collaboration with the lawyers interviewed by the inhibition explanation is? Koçyiğit hope of being tortured in police custody on September 13, 2014 were operated due . Although there is a doctor on the same day of the approval of the court çıkrıl force was taken from the hospital . Koçyiğit without doctor approval , unlawfully takes to the court instructing the police and the prosecutor's office opened an investigation Does ? The night of the event at the center of Bingol detained seven of our compatriots has been severely tortured . What are the reasons for the detention of these people ? This person is going to filed against police officers who torture ? Seven of our citizens in custody for two days of not allowed to meet with lawyers What is the rationale ? Prosecutors and police opened an investigation into this injustice Does that ? Young scanned in the vehicle immediately behind the vehicle , and in fact according to the injured person as a result of screening tools , although stopped at the checkpoint were screened . Elazig we have seen in the Forensic Medicine Institution Considering the body of citizens who lost their lives in a conscious way lethal bullets sprayed areas have been identified by the şahsım . Be scanned into incidents of extrajudicial killings in the vehicle at the scene about public officials and instructing officer is under investigation m ? Two events that took place in Bingol effective and impartial investigation mechanism by which to be executed ? This mechanism for the healthy functioning of every description made ​​to the public which is full of contradictions and false public superiors Are you going to dismiss ? By the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice to conduct research related to the events in Bingol inspection appointment is Made ? What stage of this work has been carried out inspections \"

The Assassination of Bingol parliamentary questions from the Baluken Hdp'l" comments for.


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